Thursday, December 2, 2010


i don't understand why should people disputing over small matter! well, maybe it's better to engage in a discussion, regardless of how lame it was, so that they can appear smart! maybe, i guess! i don't know the answer!


for example, lately, people are entertained once  again with the dispute of two parties (one is TOM, and another one i call as JERRY)..why? because, one is considerably BIG, and the other, tho it was claimed to be BIG, but actually very small (see latest election for example: only a few turned up!)..

so, TOM's aim is to eat JERRY, as typical cat should do over mouse! but, JERRY is so smart that he knows how to escape from this TOM! so, this JERRY created an issue, so that TOM forgot the fact that he should have eaten this JERRY!
the issue is rather small, of which JERRY suggests a new landlord so to replace the current one! so, as expected, TOM, who is used to live with this landlord , objected the suggestion..TOM doesn't want to replace the current landlord with a new one since he is being treated very well by the current; every TOM's wills are granted, with no excuses! of course, TOM loves the landlord..maybe, that's the reason, why TOM is being such a lazy cat,i guess! 

although JERRY wants to replace the current landlord , he  also doesn't want to displease her (the current landlord is woman)..otherwise, JERRY will have no place to stay, and of course, JERRY doesn't want to give up living in his BIG house! so, JERRY makes a deal! while he replacing the landlord with a new one, he will keep the old LANDLORD rules out the house! the new one will be used to deceive TOM, whose life is being too dependent with the old one! but, this deal should be kept secret between JERRY, the old landlord, and the new one! 
in other words, no changes has been actually done! JERRY is good in spinning things. TOM, meanwhile, is so STUPID to feel the present situation, and thus he can be easily manipulated, and deceived! yet, the saddest and the lamest creature is neither TOM, JERRY or these two LANDLORD, but the person who watches this drama! poor him (her)!

*lesson: focus on the real issues! we have many challenges to overcome! others are running forward, yet we are still crawling because we are too fascinated watching STUPID MOVIE like this! focus, folks!   ;)

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