Sunday, December 5, 2010


how should you represent yourself?

a) good manner, which conforms to society norms
b) down-to-earth, of which one speaks only necessary..
c) outspoken; call a spade, a spade! 
d) cool (oh, this want is very ambiguous)..but, i'd relate to a person with great anger-controlled management.
e) etc..

why personality is so important?

a) to impress others, in general
b) to win someone's heart
c) just for fun
d) to get good job

for all the reasons, i don't care much on how people should see me! well, image isn't really important after long as you do what is told to u by God, that should be fine! don't ever cross a border..being extreme is really discouraged in any religions..moderate will always work best in any situations! but, don't get confused between building image vs developing characters..the latter is far more important!  ;)

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  1. but sometime good personality defined a good person...nice statement...


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