Monday, December 20, 2010


i was so happy to see that we've now active involvement from KULN members..before this, most of activities were centered to Stevens students..yet, now we can see some great involvement from RIT students as well! i'm very pleased to know this progress! and as i have been mentioning for many times, the purpose of this KULN is to unite Malaysian students in NY-NJ area as well as getting them to engage in more educational issues..and of course, when hundreds of great minds are together, nothing seems impossible! and i was informed that, now, we really have a real committee in Suny Buffalo! i guess, this is another step forward! it's okay to do it slowly as long as it's consistent! here is the newest article from the club's official blog! please feel free to read that!

and as the members are getting bigger and bigger, we really need full cooperation from all! again, i'm so happy that our super duper seniors, such as Nabil (now working for Petronas), Syafiq (Ministry of Finance), and Qayyum (JKR) are really concerned bout the well-being of this club! and i pray to Allah so that this club will continuously produce great and all-rounded members! great job, guys! ;)


  1. good luck to KULN!
    kene sentiasa check and balance internally and get input from external.
    mintak pendapat senior2 inshaallah berjaya

  2. thanks bro! we also need support from all! ;)


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