Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why EE is so COOL (joke)

out of 4 traditional engineering fields, why EE is the coolest? let me tell you why?

1) CE : people rarely know their existence! spend too much time in lab! so, to make other knowing that they do exist, they try to claim that certain stuffs are disastrous..e.g. MSG is bad, and bla bla, ordinary people will believe, and would thank these CEs for saving their lives..

2) ME : these guys, i don't what they are doing actually..what do actually they try to improve? calculating stress, pressure, and so what? everything is well written in text book, dudes! 

3) Civ. E : when people start choosing air transportation, rather than ground, these guys will have troubles to find job! other than building bridge, or highways, what else should they do!

EE : these guys are so humble..we modulate signal so that two people can communicate at far distance, we generate power so that every body can watch their favorite tv shows, we build a very small brain (in micro size) so to control machines, and etc..but, we don't claim anything..instead, we remain humble! 

disclaimer: this is only a joke! don't take it seriously. the author will not be responsible for any mental distress or emotional displeasure! ;)

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