Saturday, December 18, 2010


hey, since when being homosexual is permitted in Islam? see this video:

the guy in the video has publicly confessed that he's make it worse, he also defended himself of being gay..for me, he is nothing, but STUPID!!!

the excuse used by him is totally LAME and PATHETIC! he believed that he was born to be GAY! so then, should we consider being a murderer is also part of fitrah? come on la dude! if u were gay, do u have to tell the world? oh, i forgot, we're living in a modern world, in which everybody is free to speak his mind! okay then.. i will speak my mind too!

he said that people don't really understand him and his friends..oh yeah, tell me then what is rationale of being in love with a person of same sex as you are? doesn't make sense at all! as far as i know, only animal can have bisexual tendencies! so, i suppose u r animal..aren't u? 

he said again that being gay is something that has to do with feeling! and, hence it's uncontrollable! so, my question is, do u have mind? or maybe, u r too stupid, in which u can't even distinguish between boy and girl...dude, we are granted with akal so that we can use it to control our feeling! got it???

well, actually i am also being so sympathetic to these people...i always pray to God so that these people will be guided..but, when a person can simply confess of being gay in public, and then try to defend it, i can no longer tolerate! if the person isn't a Muslim, then it would be fine! but, this guy is Muslim! thus, for me, it is an insult to my religion! i don't mind to be labeled narrow-minded or else! we need to call a spade a spade!

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  1. lagi membengangkan kalau mamat gay tu handsome!! nasib baik yang ni mcm ok.

    still, semoga dia berubah. wat malu je


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