Monday, December 13, 2010

Living Up a Dream!

it has been awhile since i wrote something positive on this blog..recently, i have spent much time criticizing others..well, sometimes, i've to speak up my mind! hehe..anyway, let's begin this entry with positive energy:

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past."      -Thomas Jefferson

well, for those who have no idea who Jefferson is, he was actually the third President of US..he was known for his effort to promote republicanism in the States..indeed, he was one of the greatest founders of this great nation! nuf said!

anyway, since i was a young boy, my dreams kept changing. at one point, i wanted to become a policeman! maybe, their uniform did attract me..and sometimes, i really wanted to be a doctor..well, only after i took my biology classes in high school, i was pretty sure that i was born not to work in hospital! and, the list goes on! yet, i realized that i never dream to become a billionaire back then! maybe, at that time, money was not important to me! of course, why should i worry about money if you were pretty sure that u could get it from your mom and dad (also, my grandpa)..hehe

yet, as i was growing, my aim is a bit different..i was no longer dreaming to be only a great engineer, but, i really want to become rich ! i want to make lots of money! yes, i know everybody does realize that only when mom and dad are no longer giving us free-money, right?, being a man, it's much worse! i swear to God! ;)

so, i started reading the biography of some successful people..i really want to know how could they end up being such rockstars! well, most of them have some similarities..they were college drop-out, or even some of them didn't go to college! if they could become what they are now, without having hard times in college, so why should i waste my time here? working hard for four years in college only to become ordinary person! oh, that's not worth any penny of the money paid by my sponsor! but, only as you go deep and learn about these people's past, you would realize that they had struggled much harder than what i have been doing in college! indeed, they had gone such long processes that i guess ordinary people, like you and me, would definitely give up at the middle of the journey! but, i have learned one thing from these people! to be successful, you have to go through some hard times, and daunting processes..there is no easy success in this life! i remember this one saying, "to become a bear, you have to be a cub first!" 

but, don't get upset! if these people can succeed, so could we! don't be afraid to dream BIG! again, here is one of my favorite quotes, from one of the richest men in the States, 

"If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big."         Donald Trump

well, i'm actually in a process of writing my personal statement for my grad school application..i know it's kinda too late..haha..i wish all of you guys the best! anyway, i'd be very happy to hear about your dream as well! i have told mine! ;)

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