Friday, December 10, 2010

Competitive Advantage

competitive advantage! ever heard about that? i assume everybody knows that..if you don't, please KILL yourself right now since you aren't qualified to live in today's world!

so, wadup with this topic? why should we care much about it? "i'm not a businessman," some might say.. "hey, i'm not interested in business?" few might reply..well, since business isn't really so enthralling as compared to other topics, such as Hollywood Celebrities, Fashion Show, so i am not planning to talk from business perspective..rather, i'll discuss it in a way that could affect everybody, especially the Malays.

being as a Malay, i was and am granted with so many privileges..i was accepted to national boarding schools, tho my results was not really astounding, i guess..well, who would study for UPSR, right? only nerds do! then, i was once again being granted with local scholarship to pursue my studies in one local university..again, i was still ambiguous either i was accepted due to merit or racial card? i guess, the latter is more likely to be the reason..then, once again, because of being Malay, i was conferred with overseas scholarship to pursue my tertiary studies..and here i am..blogging about all the privileges that i have enjoyed since i was born! 

hence, many of my non-Malay friends complained about this..yes, i do understand about their feelings..if i was in their shoes, i'd feel the same! yet, what really make me sad is the fact that many of my Malay friends (including me) don't really appreciate this business, people manipulate this advantage so to grow their companies..but, the opposite thing happen to my people..some just take all these privileges for granted..well, when other races are questioning about the validity of granting all these privileges to us, thousands stand up to defend this policy! whether they realize or not, these are not their rights, but only privileges..thus, they cannot be there forever! 

therefore, i think it's time for us to really make use of this advantage..we should use it to grow up, and move forward..the sooner we could be independent. the sooner we could solve racial issue in our country! well, i acknowledge that this is not easy to accomplish! but, somehow, for a thing to be accomplished, there should be a beginning! so people, let's BEGIN this journey together! 


  1. Yeah, we should appreciate it. Lately, it is not just non Malay who complained about it, yet the Malay itself.

  2. mr/ms anonymous,

    it's pretty amazing that some Malays have acknowledged that the privileges given to them aren't their rights! so, they couldn't be forever! it's to build our own capacity to move forward!

    let's begin the journey together


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