Monday, December 27, 2010


leveraging is to do more with's like you put 20% effort for 80% a nutshell, you put little effort for greater results..interesting, ain't it? that's why, as the present situation is concerned, the riches are getting richer, while the poor are pushed down to live under poverty line..why? because the riches know how to identify opportunities and thus make use of them for their own benefits..the poor, otherwise, are working very hard day and night, but only to find themselves struggling to feed their entire families..

leveraging could be interpreted in many ways; for business-minded persons, this is a vital skill required to expand their business..the socialists, meanwhile, see this as a means of manipulating others for oneself's, it could be both positive and negative, depending from which perspective we might look it..

yet, we have to face the current reality: in the US itself, the country's wealth distribution is well described by 10/90, which means 10% of US citizens conquer 90% of nation's wealth..the rest 10% of the fortunes is barely shared among the other 90% Americans..and i believe, the same thing applies to the other countries as well, in which the gap between the riches and the poor is getting wider..the consequence of this situation is very, nowadays, the world is governed by this one simple rule (called, the Golden Rule), "Whoever has the gold, they have the power!" hence, most of the national policies are created in favor to this elite group..for example, President Obama  has been urged to continue the tax cut policy, implemented during the Bush tenure..and this tax cut wouldn't help the poor/middle class so much..the riches are the one who are actually benefited from this policy! 

thus, the middle class or even the poor should realize this..they can no longer depend on the government to fix this problem..and as far as i'm concerned, the only solution to get out of this problem is by being rich..but how? first and the foremost, we need to change our mentality: from entitlement mentality to become independent..and secondly, we need to make sure, we've adequate financial education, of which we know a lot more than merely do savings..believe me, there is a time, in which our savings would be valueless..and i assume, that time would come very soon (considering the US current debt)..but, don't be scared.. successful persons will always see problems as opportunities for them to grow up..learn from others' mistakes, and try not to repeat them..FOCUS!

   F   = focus
O  = one
    C  = course
U  = until
          S   = successful

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