Thursday, May 13, 2010

always find a place to hide!

..whenever i feel so stress, i'll always find a place, which could make me feeling better..right now, am working for a modeling and simulation project w/ a friend of mine...and we are simulating the airport queuing system..hell yeah! cliche project, huh?? nothing new...but, the problem is i don't really like programming..and whenever i have to work on programming, i'll feel bad bout myself, such as "kenapa la bodoh sgt ak nie!", "kreatif skit boleh x!", and etc...

..well, the thing that i really hate is when i'm being criticized by "myself." i'd be very very fine if it comes from someone used to that..but, when, i, myself, don't believe in "me," that would be a big disaster.., to make things better, i always let myself being in a place that i'm good in, such as politics, economy, business and etc..well, that's why, i guess, i cannot separate myself from those stuffs, no matter how hard i try...they are like my "safe places!" lol

..but, talking about business, now, am reading lots of articles from Harvard Business Review(HBR). Those articles are easy to understand, very "eye-opening," and sometimes, they give me some ideas on how i should live my life..and there was one article that has worked fine to's about motivation, "How and When to Motivate Yourself." the link to the article is given below:

..also, there was an article that really caught my "brain" attention:

p/s: x rugi if we spend much times on reading! it is really helpful in shaping our perspective to the world! so, read as much as possible, no matter what, good or bad things! adios amigos

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