Saturday, May 8, 2010

Now We Need MPs' role!

..Aminul's case is yet to be, another similar incident happened again..yesterday, a teenager was shot by a policeman because he refused to stop his motorcycle after he was told to do can read the details at's the link:

..and now, what will all these "fake" people do? [refer my previous post to know who are these fake people] will they ask the government to set up a royal commission again? or maybe to form a panel to know the actual reason for such incident? or to the extend, they might ask the AG (attorney general) to prosecute the policeman for a murder?and let say, this time, the government agrees to the last option..and let's assume, the policeman were found guilty and he were sent to what? do this punishment solve the case? in my opinion, it won't..the only thing that could avoid such incident to happen again in future is to revise the provision that allows policemen to use their guns! this provision must be clearly must clearly state the YES and NO situations in which the policemen can shoot people..and to do that, we need all the MP's to bring this motion in parliament..if we can talk about some "crappy" issues in Parliament, why can't we talk about this important provision, which involves the safety of our people..adios amigos

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