Wednesday, May 12, 2010



..lately, saya tgk ramai kawan2 lama yg sudah semakin kaya..siap tangkap gambar duit lg ltk kt fb...berkepuk2 tue..sekali tgk mmg jeles a friend, am really happy for them..manelah tau, if we are meeting in future, they'll treat me a lunch or dinner at any exclusive restauranst...well, at least, i got the chance to eat expensive, not-so-delicious foods..

..saya pon turut gembira, bilamana mereka tidak perlu bersusah-payah mencari duit..well, how i wish i were in their places..don't have to cram my mind, learning new the end, they are still wealthier than me..unfair?? i don't think so...walau sejuta mana pon duit mereka, am still not jealous w/ them..i still like the way i am now...yes, i love money..instead, it is always my dream to be a, i have my own way to do kater, biler kiter berusaha bersungguh2 untuk dapatkan sesuatu, then you will appreciate the results's okay to start from the bottom..i don't have to be that "big money" guy, 5-10 years after my graduation..i know, it takes me sometime to do so..even, Steve Job, took some years before he came up w/ his APPLE brand!

..but, i still have questions on how my "rich" friends got their money..okay, let's assume that there is really a system (MLM, perhaps) that gives them all the money..but, how long could that system remain???2 years?? 3 years?? so, what will they do after that??? find another new system??? okay, let's be positive! considering the best case scenario, they manage to live in that way for the rest of their lives..meaning that, they don't have to work hard to be rich..everyday is holiday, according to some of them...but, i still don't like that way..when i was thinking to start/build my own business empire, money was not my real goal...yes, i want to accumulate as much money as possible so that i could share them w/ my society..but, my main goal is that i want to build my own reputation, just like Syed Mokhtar, Tony Fernandes...yes, i want to leave my own legacy when i'm dead..i want to aspire people from my own success..that's the comes after all these reasons..

..yet, don't get me wrong..i'm more than pleased to see my friends to be as what you like to do...but, don't ever question my ways of living my own life..i have my own vision, so do you! i'll work to realize my own dream, so should you! please stop convincing me to join u! cause, you will never succeed in doing so...all in all, i wish u guys all the best in your life journey..

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