Monday, May 17, 2010

I need to take a break for a while!

the reason i started blogging, about 6 months ago, was to inspire people, to share my ideas, and etc..but, lately, it seemed like, i was not doing what i planned, i checked all my previous posts, and most of them were worth nothing at all..most of them were all about me..anyway, who cares what happen to me, at the first place..

so, to avoid myself from talking more and more rubbish in my blog, i have decided to take a more updates, maybe for a month or a year! i haven't decided yet about the timing..but, for sure, not very soon! so, for those who are following my blog, (i know there are only 6, anyway, lol) am very sorry about this..for those who have been hurt for what i have been saying/writing, i am very sorry..for those, who have been inspired (if any), please spread the good words to others..

..and see you again in other times..till then, adios amigos!

p/s: i will also take a break from facebook!


  1. weh takpe ar.
    aku baca ape

  2. heh?..pulak....sian followers 6 org tu...huhu


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