Monday, May 31, 2010

i was mad, i was sad..

i was mad, and sad when i knew that some of Pro-Palestine activists were caught and, even few were murdered by Israeli troops..and i was more sad, and terrified to know that the world was doing nothing for that action..i was looking forward to see few Muslim leaders to condemn this ridicule, for the least..yet, to the best of my knowledge, no one was doing so! what happened?

..but, as i was thinking how such situation could happen (kebaculan), i asked myself a basic question.."what should i do?" i don't want to see it's happening like not a big figure tho, in which my words will be listened by no body! but, at the very last, i believe my words and prayers are listened by, let's pray (no matter you're Muslim or not), in the name of humanity, so that all those detainees and detainees-to-be will be protected by God from any danger..let them be strong in their wills to help the Gaza people..amen..

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