Monday, May 10, 2010

an eye-opening talk w/ a dude!

..i spent almost 3 hrs, talking w/ a friend of mine..he's a PHD student, studying in Stevens..we talked about many things..and of course, some serious and boring topics..from study to real-life topics..

..i asked him about some possible options left for me as i am graduating next year..well, it might be too early, to keep myself worry about that..but, i can't help myself! it's just me, a "gelabah", i questioned him about the quality of graduate study in very doubtful about that since many of those graduate professors that i've known in Stevens, are very into their, they got barely no time to think about their students..i think their researches mean more than the achievement of their students..that's why, i start to question about the syllabus, the in-class exposure, and makes sense, right? if the professors are too busy w/ their own works or agendas, they might have no time to carefully plan/update the syllabus, they have no time to expose/prepare their students w/ needed or required in-class exposure, and etc..but, this PHD guy replied to me, by arguing the basis of my question..well, he asked me to be very clear w/ the word "quality?" of course, for him, he couldn't give an absolute answer since there is no such answer in this, he started to tackle my question from one aspect to another..he talked about the course flexibility, the fundamental understanding of core concepts, and he was talking, i chose to remain silent since i wanted to hear as much as possible from him..but, at the end, he stressed on one point: to succeed or not is eventually depending on the student's itself..if one wants to succeed, he/she needs to do his/her extra works!" okay, that is a good conclusion anyway.. :)

..and then, we talked about the philosophical stuffs..i was used to be fan of these stuffs..well, i was always amazed w/ the beauty of those words, uttered by some great philosophers..sometimes, their words were just soul-relaxing! but, as am pondering for some time, (well, it took me really lots of time) i know these words mean nothing to real life..these words are just for those people, who are not brave enough to face the rough reality of life...then, they made some words, and sadly turned out to have some followers, to relax themselves from the world's competition..and there was one time, when one of my friends reminded me to get myself out from these "word-heaven" stuffs..he said, it wasn't good for me since i'll be blind from seeing the reality..and okay, he cited one example, "money cannot buy happiness!" - he argued the validity of this phrase, by saying that only those who are lazy will like this then, he continued w/ few examples just to convince me that these philosophical stuff are just the "crappy" things made for losers! lol...thanks my buddy, for trying your best to convince me on this stuff..i do appreciate your concern to me..but, as i am realizing the fallacy of these words, i still choose to remain believing in some of's not i am trying to run from the reality of my life, but, sometimes i need to find a place, in which i could live my life in a way that i like it...anyway, am still a human, and sometimes am very vulnerable..that's the fact, and i have to accept that..

..anyway, this PHD guy, was actually not a fan of these "bunga-bunga" stuffs..he asked me to always see my life as real as possible..well, what could you expect from a PHD guy, who spends most of his time, thinking the technical solution for some existing problems..of course, he should keep himself realistic...

..and because we are very open to each other, we even talked about our "dream" family..i talked about mine, and he did was funny anyway, when two kids, or should i say two college guys, were talking about the marriage stuffs..of course, mesti ader pengaruh cerita-cerita kt the way, i was so happy talking to this dude! hey, let's spend some time together again, ok?

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