Saturday, May 15, 2010

i was told to.. (my life-lessons)

as a kid,

i was told to be a good person, who respects others and their differences..
i was told that family always comes first, in good or bad times..
i was told that life is tough, and no one could survive it except the tough ones..
i was told that success is guaranteed for those who work for it..
i was told that hardship is a tool to measure one's true color..
i was told that money is important, but i should not be a slave to it..
i was told that education is pure and sacred, as it involves a process of learning oneself and his/her creator..
i was told that struggle will never last, unless he/she is dead..
i was told that everything happens around me, it happens with reasons..
i was told that to enter "jannah" is one's ultimate goal..

..and for these lessons, if not all, i know my life better..thanks to mom for sharing with me these valuable life-lessons..but, i have to admit, i am still far to be what you have expected me to be..but, am working on it..i know sometimes i did disappoint you, but believe me, i need more times to do so..since today is May 16 (Malaysia time), which is supposed to be a teacher's day, i would like to thank you, mom, for being a good, and supportive teacher to me! love you to the bits..

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