Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Take Things for Granted!

i felt sorry to Aminul's family for their loss..i pray to God so that they could stand tall going through this saddest moment..i really know how it feels to lose someone that u really love..i have been there about a decade ago, when i lost my beloved grandfather..the world seemed to be meaningless to me..i lost someone, whom i used to talk and share my problems with..i lost someone, whom never give a damn to all my mistakes..instead, he always convinced me that i was still a kid, with many to, to be punished for the mistakes i did is not really appropriate for the sake of my learning process...thanks Atok..i really love you to the bits..and i pray to God so that you'll be placed among the good ones!

anyway, back to the's not wrong for some people to come forward to speak on behalf of Aminul's family...yeah, as a concerned citizen, it's indeed our responsibility to protect our own people...but, thinking how all these stupid politicians taking advantage of this case is something that really freaks me out..come on! i just want to ask where all these stupid people when a policeman was hit by a motorcycle about a year one came out to say on the behalf of the policeman's family..but, why? because this policeman is not a human..because this unfortunate guy couldn't give any political gain to these "stupid" jerks! well, am sorry to use such vulgar just so annoyed with these "fake" people..

hey, anyway, the inquest is still in others, please stop blaming other people..let's pray that this such incident will not occur again in future..both parties should take a lesson from this incident..remember, everything happens with reasons! till then...adios amigos!

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