Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Love Pink! so what?

..i was used to have a negative perspective to those men, who like pink..ah, come on! whose man on earth like pink, anyway? well, this mindset was so yesterday for, i have learned a very important lesson bout being a stereotyping person.. begin with, just now, i was having a good dinner at Indonesian Restaurant, called Upi's located at Elmhurst, Queens,'s not too far from my college's about 45 mins by car, considering the bad traffic in NYC...well, thanks to Aunt Fady and Uncle Faizul, my friends and i were having a good time, and a good food..well, i got to eat one of my favorite dishes, Sayur was so delicious..besides that, we also had ayam pangang, rendang ayam, rendang daging, sayur lodeh (or londeh, am not sure the spelling), gado-gado, and ikan pedas..the dessert was very special, the cendol...wah, i was so stuffed, man!

...anyway, back on the story, while we were eating, my friends and i made a fun of one of our friends, who has a pink guitar..well, we were questioning him why he love the pink so much..we could understand if a man wears pink shirt or tee, has a pink mug, and etc...but, we cannot accept the fact that he has a pink guitar..come on! so, we told uncle faizul about this fact..and can u guess what was his response..instead of joining us making fun of this guy, he said, "what's wrong to have a pink guitar..the color doesn't matter, but the sound is.." wow, we were like, OMG, we told the wrong person..and then Uncle continued by giving some examples about his neighbors, whom i assumed to be a gay partner..according to him, these male partners has no pink stuff in their, for him, pink has nothing to do of being gay or what..and he also told us that he has some pink shirts, and etc...

...well, of course, i was amazed by his attitude..he's so positive in everything..he always looks thing from positive side..and from that time onwards, i'm telling myself to stop discriminating a saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover!" it's an easy say, but is really hard to implement..Thanks Uncle, for the dinner and also the looking forward to have more conversation w/ u...

p/s: Uncle Faizul is an American..he's married to Aunt Fadi..He's working in Wall Street..and he is really into business stuffs..i like him! yes, i need to learn more from him, being it is business or life lesson...anyway, i could see the difference between a first class mentality and a third world one..well, in this case, i am the latter!

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