Monday, May 31, 2010

The Day I Will Come HOME!

America is such a great country,
in which everyone can hardly forget,
in which everybody loves to be bonded with,
in which each of us is dreaming for,
to wake up in the morning just to find ourselves,
living and being part of this great nation.

America is undoubtedly a promising land of opportunity,
which in it contains passion and energy,
with millions of dreamers chasing their dreams days and nights
with no fears of losing hopes and desires,
with thousands of opportunists and optimists,
working out together to build their own legacy,
so that they will be recognized and could be remembered,
as a part of this nation..

America is as strong and tough as it might sound,
but, for me,
no matter how great or addictive she was,
my heart belongs to this one small nation,
a nation, in which barely known by many,
a nation, which just got her independence few years ago,
and therefore,
am very proud to say it loudly that,
i am belong to a nation, called Malaysia.

yet, as a big dreamer,
i am always envisaging myself,
coming back home one day,
not only with a scroll of degree,
but also with vast priceless experiences,
in which later,
i could use to build my own society.

yet, should the day to come,
i have to acknowledge that,
there are many obstacles and mountains,
that i have to walk through,
there would be thousands of storms and thunders,
which i should bear with,
but, i persistently pray to God,
no matter how hard they would be,
please let my hopes existed,
since without hopes,
my life is nothing but meaningless.

but, to be honest,
i am not sure myself,
when the day is,
should be a year,
might be a decade,
or to the extend,
it might be forever.
nonetheless, i am sure for one thing,
of any of these cases,
i'll return to the place i am belong to,
a place that has been guaranteed by my Lord,
which i call as, DEATH!

and to the best of my knowledge,
the time is getting closer and closer,
and i'm afraid i couldn't fulfill my dream,
when that time comes!

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