Friday, May 7, 2010

Working Man vs Talking Dude!

..hey, we have been choosing too many leaders who are very good in talking..well, even some of them are internationally recognized as one of the best orators in the world..good job! as a Malaysian, am very proud of them..i also envy them for their talents, and am looking forward to be as great as they are in delivering speech..

..but, to build a great or sound society, we need leaders who are more capable than that..yes, our leaders must be fluent enough in speaking, so that they can influence the people..yet, for me, what is most important is to have a leader, who is not only good in speaking, but also great in working..i want a leader, who is very concerned about his people, who is working 24/7 to the betterment of his a nutshell, i prefer a hardworking leader rather than a "speaking" leader! moreover, i always dream of a leader who is never running out of ideas, and who is very clear in his/her vision..i want a leader who understands the aspiration of his/her people..i am really really looking for a leader who puts the people's interest above his/her personal stake..

..nonetheless, all the criteria that i've mentioned before are very rare to find in our leaders..well, i guess they're not realistic neither...nowadays, it's very difficult to find such leaders..but, at least, we can have a leader who knows doing his job rather than just do the talking..gosh, i really hate people who speak one thing, and do the other..hey, "action speaks louder than words!"

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