Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Fariza Ismail!!

"ceit, muka x nk poyo lg!"
btw, ak rembat dr ur fb profile

"happy birthday to you"
"happy birthday to you"
"happy birthday to pjord"
"happy birthday to you!"


..sedar x sedar, dh tua ek ko! 22 tahun..u are blessed to be born on May 13, a black day in Malaysians, it's easier for me to remember your birthday...May 13= big riot=pjord's, whatever! so, since this is your birthday, i took ur privilege to make some wishes:

  1. i hope that our friendship will remain forever..till death keeps us apart..cewahh
  2. i hope you are not that "poyo", i know u might be angry w/ this statement..
  3. i hope that u will be a good daughter to ur mother..i know how important your mother is to u!
  4. i hope that u will succeed in ur real life and also ur career path...penat dah ak pujuk ko suruh sambung belajar lpas abis ur undergrad, tp still ko degil! hehe..mmg x makan saman minah nie!
  5. i hope that u will find somebody who suits u the best..u deserve a good man since u r a good girl..definitely, i'm out of ur a bad guy, believe me! haha
  6. i hope that all my wishes to u come true..also, please pray for my best also..

best regard,

Mohamad (Mike) Tamrin

"kaki-ponteng" kelas
"kaki-tidur" dalam kelas
"tp baik hati!" lol

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  1. Weh,bru pasan.gler tharu.hehe.btw thnx:-)

    K0 rembat gmbr aku!nk saman k0!haha


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