Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big L!

okay, i need to give myself this "BIG L" for big loser! just 2 weeks away from the Norway trip, i got a mail, notifying me that my credit card application has been rejected...the reason is that i don't have any credit paid my rent for a year, and you told me i have no credit history...good excuse! okay, let assume that i don't have sufficient income to support my debt! but, why on earth, some of my juniors, who just came here, w/ absolutely no credit history, has been approved by the same bank! this really frustrates me at most..anyway, i need to have a credit card, or else i might have to cancel my trip..this is a big disaster for me! what option left for me:

  • try to get one from other institutions..but, i'm very positive i can't get it in 2-week time
  • i need to find a guarantor, so that i can reapply from the same bank..hell yeah, who wants to take the risk, anyway!
  • ask my friend to lend me his credit card for 3 weeks..i need someone whom can really trust me..btw, is there any? lol
  • ask my mom to send me her credit card..but, this is too risky..what happen if the card is lost during the shipping process..anyway, i don't want to burden her anymore..enough for her to pay for my airline fare..i'm too shy to ask for more!
  • running around nakedly! haha..this would be my last option if i have to cancel my trip to Norway.
*anyway, i just feel like, i'm such a big loser! being rejected is seemed to suit me the best lately...btw, i won't give up! as anwar said, "LAWAN TETAP LAWAN!" --> okay, i hate him in the first place! lol

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