Monday, May 3, 2010

Few Tips To Networking!

There are few tips for those who are going to any networking event:

  1. Make sure you take some foods before the event.
  2. This event is not how tasty the meal is, but how you connect yourself with those people
  3. Do some background study of those people you're meeting with..if you're coming to any company's event, make sure you know what the company is doing
  4. Dress properly..this will reflect your personality..and people might judge you based on your physical appearance..but, there's no need for such expensive clothes..
  5. Always bring your portfolio..who knows, there's someone interested in you (to hire u)
  6. Prepare some basic questions..well, some of you might think this is a bit cliche. but, believe me, there would be at least a moment, in which you're out of idea to keep the conversation on..remember, you must make sure that you maximize your time talking to people..
  7. Always be prepared to "sell" yourself..there're many cases, in which people are hired just by talking to "some" people on "some" right time..
  8. Bring your resume with you, if you are looking for a job..
  9. always SMILE! this is to show that you're very interested with this event..this is also to honor the host..believe me, talking w/ some "big" guys are so boring..they talk serious stuffs which you sometime might not understand or you just don't care..but, that's how the world is..the "boring" guys are the one who determine the future of this world..

* all these tips are based on my observation, attending few networking events..well, it might be boring for those who are not used to it..but, later on, you would feel comfortable..hope, these tips are useful and helpful! please add yours if there's any :)

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