Saturday, July 31, 2010

~Research is OVER!

..alhamdulillah, literally, i've finished my summer research..i just have to prepare for my poster presentation, which is scheduled sometime in Sept..what i've learned thru out my 10 weeks of research are as follows:

1) i learn that to be in any research group is very tough..
2) in research, nothing is better than finding solutions for all encountered problems..
3) there is always answer, which is yet to be discovered, for any questions..
4) don't settle for mediocre..strive for excellence..
5) patience is the last shield in any scenarios..
6) questioning is the only way to explore new knowledge
7) there is no way one can succeed w/o others' help (team work)
8) working hour is just the formality..seeking knowledge happens 24/7
9) never say die
10) money is such marvelous! I LIKE IT! ;), i need to plan for my Boston's gonna be my first time traveling by myself..we'll see how fun it could be..i hope everything would be fine thru out the trip..ameen..and also, i'll be back in m'sia in 2-week time..time to feed myself w/ good foods (after tonnes of junk foods)...and also, i want to be a typical "budak kampung" again, when i'm in m'sia...walking around w/ my 'sarung' is such so comfortable and stylish! wateva! ;)

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