Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Erti Hidup!

1) when your life is getting less and less meaningful, it's indeed the right time for you to redefine your own purpose of life.what? who? when?

2) it is clearly stated in the Holy Quran that we are created so to worship God..

3) but, how many times we forget that fact? we know the answer for the best..

4) furthermore, we are also reminded that, our "imaan" will not be perfect till we love our brothers and sisters more than ourselves..in other words, we are told not to be self-centered/selfish..

5) but, how many times we deny the rights of our bros and sistas for the sake of ourselves? it is indeed a very important question to ponder

6) while in boarding school, we are familiar with a concept of sharing..everything can be shared...from foods to our clothes..and it is still clear in our mind this one phrase: "makan sorang kenyang, makan beramai-ramai lagi menyenangkan"

7) but, as we graduated from high school, how many of us are still believing/remembering that one simple lesson? some might, but most will forget..in college, we have learnt another important tips: self centered is always the best..

8) yet, my dear friends, as you remind yourself that your death is getting nearer, you would come up w/ this simple question: "if i were to die soon, what contributions that i have made to the betterment of my society?"

9) so, as we are given a chance to walk in this world, let's work together to make it a better place to live..let's help those unfortunate people to our very best..just take sometime out of your plenty time to stop thinking about yourself..start thinking about others..how, in your own way, can you be part of this world by helping one another?

10) do it before it's too late..let's remind ourselves that we will be questioned about our responsibilities by our Lord on the Day of Judgement..

11) at that time, any regrets won't do any better to us!

12) *please pray for the safety of those Pro-Palestine activists..let them be in good care of Lord! ameen..

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