Friday, April 30, 2010

My Snippets!

i found tennis is so indulging lately..if possible, i wanna play it twice a day, 7 times a why, but i really want to be good on this sport..but, thinking how busy i would be for the next two weeks, i should say "goodbye" to this sport temporarily..

...anyway, there are many projects, and exams that i should be dealing so exhausted..and not to forget, i need to keep track on my research project, which will be starting right after i come back from norway..and to make it even worse, based on my rough calculation, i will only have one real solid holiday before i start my fall semester..well, it seems so exaggerating, but it applies to me..

...btw, my close friend will be having a minor surgery on this monday..i wish him well..i really want to meet him, before the surgery, yet i have an exam on the same day..anyway, i will always pray for his quick's very hard indeed to fall sick during the final exams period..i know how he's feeling right now..but, as far as i've known him, i believe he's a strong man, who is not easy to give up for thing like this...

..right now, am still observing on the progress of Aminul's case..personally, i'm so pity to him, and his family..i'll pray so that his soul will be placed among the good ones..anyway, i have no dare to comment on this issue so far..i don't want to speculate things that i, myself, don't really know..well, as a saying, "it's easier to speak rather than to act." but, i noticed that there's a group in the fb that tries to be the hero for this advice for those who join this sort of group, "sudah-sudahlah membuat provokasi...hormatilah perasaan orang yang terlibat: keluarga si mati dan keluarga si polis!" if u don't have any solid evidences, pls don't's better to be silent rather than talking rubbish..

...right now, am working w/ some of buddies to set up a focus group, that serves to discuss on entrepreneurial/business topic..yeah, i really want to create a society that knows how to do a good business..we're still in the process of finding people, who can really commit on our agenda..hopefully, everything would work fine..insha Allah

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  1. found your blog! haha!
    btw keep updating yeah! :D


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