Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take It 1 by 1!

Tonnes of HW's..yet, idk which one should I do first! here comes a question of it really necessary to always have your own priority list, every time and every place? yes, in my case, i really need to have that..and here comes another question: what factors should I consider as I'm making this list?....well, the question will never end there! it'll continuously provoke another question once you have the answer for the previous one!.....and the question goes on...........

but, in my case, i'll do the HW's one by one! i don't care which one should comes first..the thing that I really care is "how much I am into that subject!" if I really love my Digital Signal Processing class, for example, I'll do "its" homework first! hahaha..I solved my conflict!

p/s: right now, I'm really into this "one-TV-series!" [the name of it is censored due to my pride and dignity! haha], i guess it's not wrong for me to spend this Saturday watching its whole season! lol...JUSTIFY MY CASE!

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