Friday, January 22, 2010

Elevator Pitch

What is elevator pitch? It is a brief conversation between you and an investor..In just 3 mins, at the most, you must be able to concisely and convincingly explain the following: who you are, what your product is, and the last yet the foremost is what makes your product differ from others.

The result is clearly simple; either you will be invited to a meeting room for further explanation of your product or you can be simply told to leave the building..and if you're lucky enough, you will have a few escorts sending you home!

Yet, as an entrepreneur, whose pocket is not that deep, you have to master this skill..It's very important to be able to convey your message in a brief time-constraint. Being able to do so, I could say that you're now on your way to be a millionaire. But, wait!! nothing in this world is so damn easy...To master in this area, it takes you lots of hard works and practices. As I was searching a few relevant articles on how to be good in this area, I found this one article, which simply describes five basic criteria to become an excellent elevator pitch:

1. Figure out what is unique about what you do
Your elevator pitch must have a hook. "I own a flower shop downtown" doesn't hold a candle to "I'm a specialty florist who deals in rare, South American tropical flowers that bloom in the winter."

2. Make it exciting
A superior elevator pitch increases your heart rate. It speaks to who you really are and what excites you about your business.

3. Keep it simple
It might be a few sentences, but no more than a paragraph or so. Keep it under 30 seconds.

4. Write it down
Write down your pitch, say it out loud, re-write it, and then re-write it again.

5.Practice, and the practice some more
The first few times you try out your elevator pitch may be a bit uncomfortable, but it gets easier. After a while, it will become second nature to you, and when it does, you will be glad you practiced.

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