Monday, January 18, 2010

My Wishlist!

I need to restrain myself from buying unnecessary stuffs for at least 2 more weeks! Now, I have to start thinking to buy textbooks, and some stationery..and to do that I need money! Well, considering my current financial situation, I've to say NO to regular dinner outing, new winter outfits, new PS3 games, and etc..Yes, I definitely have to change my lifestyle! Being more prudent in my expenses! Maybe, I should live the same way again as I did 1 and half years ago..Actually, during my first semester here, I had to record all my expenses in a daily-basis so that there was no overdraft in my bank account..I was really short of money at that time..My friends and I had to cut our grocery's money..for example, there was always one meal per day..We couldn't afford to have more than that! To make it even worse, there were many times that we just ate fried rice with nothing since that's the cheapest and easiest menu for us! But, for me, that was a good lesson for us..and as a matter of fact, we did survive!

But, now is the different story! Although I am in the same trouble as I was before, the cause of the current problem is way different...Unlike before, I'm now running out of money because of my unwise expenses..Sometimes, I feel like I'm being such a big-spender! Quite a few times that I just bought certain things without really gave enough consideration..and of course, quite of sometimes that I felt that the things were just not worth the money I paid..

Well, human and desire are two complementary elements..One cannot stand alone without the presence of another..That's why, if you want to be a real super-rich person, the first challenge is to get yourself out from this desire trap..[this topic is thoroughly discussed in a book called, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"] Since I'm just a normal student, way far from being a super-rich person, I usually lose to my desire or lust..So, once my scholar money is ready, I'm also ready for a shopping spree! And here is my wish list:

1. LCD flat tv
2. Smartphone
3. New PS3 games
4. My sister and aunty's wedding presents

If i can buy all these items, I'm sure I will be in financial trouble again! But, who cares? LOL


  1. did u really keep track of ur daily expenses?hahaha,money can make ppl do weird stuffs.plain fried rice is better than maggi*referring to myself*.congratulations on ur sis and aunt's weddings.hope u'll realize ur wish list.look forward for ur next writing.

  2. yes, i's terrible, right? but, it's the best way i could think at that time..nope, i think maggie is way better than plain fried rice..

    thanks for the wish..i hope they would enjoy their marriage..but, I would probably not with them during their important day! pity me!

  3. haha,it's not terrible,just funny,never thot sumone wud do sumtin like dat..haha..wont be able to be at their weddings huh??dat suxs big time..looks like u gotta buy them really expensive wedding gifts..gotta start keeping track of ur daily expenses again..haha,hve fun at school tomorrow


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