Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Few Interesting Facts When You Are Travelling!

Today would be my sixth day away from my so-called lovely home in Hoboken, NJ..I'm starting to miss my cozy comforter, my free laptop, and etc..Yet, as I'm missing my home, I do enjoy my single second in this Sunshine state, Florida..[speaking of Florida, or Orlando to be more specific, the weather is not really hot..Indeed, sometimes the windchill can be less than 30 Fahrenheit..WTH!!]

Anyway, this trip is a bit different from my other trips..Unlike before, I'm now traveling with my other buddies, who come from different schools all over the States...There are some, whom I haven't met quite a long time since we left INTEC for US..So, we are using this time to get in touch with others..From my view, I see no different in themselves..They are still my friends as they were about two years ago..And I hope, they would still be the same forever...We have had great time together so far..THANKS GUYS FOR MAKING MY HOLIDAY WONDERFUL!!

WAIT!!! I'm not done yet! I have some few facts to share with you whenever u guys are traveling..Please bear all these facts in your mind.
  • First of all, a group trip is all about sharing, all the way from foods, beds, clothes, and etc. If you think that you are such a damn stingy person, my simple advice is to forget any kind of so-called group trip.
  • Traveling is all about curiosity. Otherwise, it would be a total waste
  • Traveling is all about getting to know new people, new places, and etc..But, be cautious whenever you meet strangers..Don't let yourself being cheated by them..BE ALERT!

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