Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can't We Calm Down?

To begin with, I have a confession to make:

I'm sorry to cheat on you,
I'm sorry to fool you around,
I'm sorry to not even get to your expectation,
I'm sorry to break my promise to you!

Well, the idea of me having this kinda blog is more of sharing my experiences in the States rather than criticizing this and that issue..I want to wash my hands off [i've been watching so much Japanese movies lately that i can't get rid the phrase of my mind! ] from all bleak occurrences happening all over the world..I don't want myself ever again being influenced by the idea of this world is getting worse from day to day..I want to see my future in a more positive way..Like a saying, " To worry about the future will ruin your present happiness!" To be honest, considering what are happening all over the world, for sure this includes my very beloved country, I have no reason to stop worrying about my future..Would my kids have a chance to live in a peaceful place like I had during my childhood? What is the safest place to grow up my kids so that they would be free from any bad influences? Could they watch television without having to know that kids in other countries are being shot to death without any valid reason? Would they enjoy their meals if they know that their friends in other places are starving to death? And the questions goes on!

All these questions and worries just lead me to one conclusion!! If this is what the future is, I would prefer to stay single for the rest of my life. The idea of getting married is not a good option at all! Why should I get married if I know there is a high probability that my kids would be so mentally corrupted! Yes, I know this is pretty superficial judgement of me in regards to the world..But, I'm just the product of today's world, THE PESSIMIST! Who should I blame? The media? The people? or to the extend, the World itself?

Well, let me go straight to my point..I know, it is a bit cliche for me to comment on what is happening in my country right now...I know there are a lot of people giving their opinions and suggestions in regards to this issue in which my view seems no longer necessary..I know it's sometimes better to shut your mouth off in bad times..I know some people would think that this is a way for me to look smart...But, I believe I have my own rights to share my thoughts with others..

Okay, enough with the digression!!! I'm just wondering how can Malaysians being so radical to the extend that some of them were willing to destroy other's sacred places? Didn't they think the impacts of their immature action? Didn't they consider about others' feelings? Didn't they learn from their past? Or maybe there is somebody behind all this, who is wishing to destroy our country? Come on, folks! Whatever it is, enough is enough! We don't want the tragedy of May 13 to happen twice!! We are done with this so-called gaduh-gaduh!!

Anyway, thinking from the bright side, this feud leads us to one conclusion..There is a dire need for the unity! No matter what kinda background you come from, what religion you believe in, we are Malaysians after all..The responsibility to keep our country peaceful is OURS! We should take the blame if we fail to provide a better place to our next generation!

I agree that saying is always easier than acting! I do agree that it would be very unfair of me to say something without doing some backgrounds checks! Yes, I do realize that I'm not that good in which I have absolute authority to comment on this issue..But, one thing for sure, I do follow this issue since it was first blown up sometime ago! And because of that, I'm really sure of one thing:

There is no real action taken up till the present as to solve this issue..What I've seen so far, people are more excited to prove that our stand is right, and yours is wrong! They prefer to find others' faults rather than working together for the solution! This is what I hate so far! No one is really looking to solve it! Come on, folks! I'm personally tired of this! And I believe there are also many Malaysians who are now crying for the peace and harmony! Can't we calm down at this moment? And only then, we can come up with rational solution!

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