Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photoelectric Effect!

If you are interested in Physics, you might know this so-called Photoelectric Effect (PE)! For those who have heard this for the first time, here is the definition that I got from Wiki:

"The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon in which electrons are emitted from matter (metals and non-metallic solids, liquids or gases) as a consequence of their absorption of energy from electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength, such as visible or ultraviolet light."

So, here comes two important questions: what the hell this phenomenon has to do in our life? Should I do any better if I understand this concept?

Well, many would agree that this occurrence has significant contribution in developing our terms of technology advancement, and etc..but, for me, the way I see the important of this phenomenon is kind of different from most of scientists do..

Okay, here is my case:

I have been living in a comfort zone for a long time since I was a young boy..Many says that when you are abroad, the challenges waiting for you are very tough..You will no longer live in your safe/comfort zone..But, my experiences have told me a different story..for 1 and half years, I felt so safe up to the point I thought that I have learnt nothing during my stay here..I could easily get whatever I want..My friends would always be there whenever I need them..Yes, from one point. it shows the real friendship..but, from another perspective, I could say that I'm now being too much dependent!

So, to get out myself from this zone, I need a force to push me..Whatever force might do! but, I pray that, it is a good force..Similarly, to emit an electron from a matter, we need to give the matter sufficient energy...So, Dear God, I really hope that I could be a better person, who is no longer living in his comfort zone..But, to do so, I know that I should be a tough person..Please make me strong, God!


  1. What's up wif the seriousness??still worrying abt ur senior design project??fun fact:life is not a bed full of roses*ok, not so fun*haha,anyways ,just remember that God,ur parents,family n frens are always there for you,so just hang on and keep ur chin up..:)U're in the states so hve fun n chill!!*that of course excludes drugs,alcohols n other stuff yg haram*~go to disneyworld AGAIN,that will sure cheer u up!!!:)

  2. not being depressed.. but, am now in a process of changing my mentality..yes, that's the hardest part to begin with, and it needs lots of courage! well, disneyworld?? NOT AGAIN! unless i come with my kids! LOL


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