Thursday, January 14, 2010


Moving into my new apartment in two-day..Have to unpack my stuffs again..That's not an easy task since they are so everywhere..Everything is not in order..Hopefully, there should be no more pindah-randah after this..I'm so so so over it..I can't handle anymore mess, which occurred every time i'm moving from one place to another..I really need to settle down after this. Speaking of my new apartment, I just had a chance to meet with one of my new roommates..His name is Andrew..We just had a little conversation, asking each other's name, and etc...He seemed nice to me..Hopefully, my first impression is right...Really hope to tag along with them..

Today, I would be going to West Haven, Connecticut. It's not really far from here..Just 1 and 40 minutes by train..My friends and I will give one of Malaysian families there a visit..It has been quite a long time since our last visit..[well, our last visit is 2 months ago..okay, that's not sooooo long]. This family is so nice with us..The feeling is so awesome when we're there..It's like kids give their parents a hari raya visit..They will always treat us with good Malaysians cooking. Anywhere, instead of this family, there are many other families who are kinda close to us..They are treating us like their own kids..They have proven me that Malaysians are very friendly.

Okay, this is totally gay..Wohooo..I believe only a typical man would always put on a resolution whenever new year comes..Then, a week after that, he would definitely forget about it..I feel very sorry to this guy. If you're kinda this guy, my advice is, "Come on! face the reality..this sort of resolution will never suggestion is that, instead of doing it in yearly basis, why not you remind yourself to be a better person in daily basis. that should do better"

When I was in Florida, my mind really drove me crazy..I kept thinking of this and that stuffs. These stuffs should not be in my mind, especially when I was in vacation. But, I just couldn't get over it..Whenever I want to throw them away, they will keep coming to me in a more brutal way..Then, my mind would be restless again! I'm always dreaming to have a chance in which my mind is so free from thinking all problems and troubles..Only then, I can only have a peaceful mind..


  1. i like reading ur blog...keep me updated

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