Friday, January 22, 2010

The Awesomeness of Keropok Lekor!

Yesterday was my lucky day, i guess..I had a chance to eat keropok lekor, specially made from Terengganu..The taste was very pure tho it was a little bit stale, possibly due to 30 hours left unrefrigerated..Still, it tasted damn good!

Apart from that, I had finally decided to go for wireless graduate certificates, instead of the photonics one! Nonetheless, I was a bit disappointed since Physics is my favorite subject. [you really need to take few physics courses as to have the photonics grad. cert.] But, I believe, this is not the end! Physics had always fascinated me before, and it will always do thru out my life..Nothing is more beautiful than to know the creation of our universe, the existence of gravitational force, and etc...All these examples really amaze me while encouraging me to keep asking and questioning the reasons for all phenomenon happen in the world. Physics has also convinced me that whatever stated in the Holy Koran is nothing but the truth..The Koran is really the Words of God! There is NO DOUBTS on it!

Well, keropok lekor was really good! but, considering the fact that I haven't eat the real food since the last week, I was so grateful to have a grilled chicken sandwich for my dinner. At first I was a bit pessimistic to order this grilled chicken, thinking of how bad a grilled chicken I bought in one of Halal KFC Restaurants in Michigan about few months ago tasted. Yet, the urge to give this one more try is really worthy! This grilled chicken that I bought somewhere around my place was really good! The chicken was so soft, and the salads was really fresh! Thank GOD for making my day such a wonderful day!

p/s: off to sleep with such a good mood! looking ahead to have a wonderful day again! if possible, i pray that everyday is my wonderful day! Please God! :)


  1. Sooooooo UNFAIR!!!!!I want kropok lekor too,it has been ages since I last got my hands on them...*amat jeles*btw,wats the difference btwn wireless grad cert n photonics grad cert??is it to say that ure specialized in a certain EE area??u like physics dat much huh??hope to see u be the next einstein..haha,dat wud be fun!!i never liked physics,wonder why..grilled chicken sandwch summore,I guess yesterday MUST be ur lucky day....*SUPER jealous* :-/

  2. u're right!it's like my concentration in EE..physics? of course, i like it..who on earth doesn't like physics, right?? basically, photonics is a study of photons..

    the thing is that keropok lekor was cooked by my fried, who somehow comes from, we had this special sauce for keropok lekor..what a lucky day, huh?


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