Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small + Small = ???

ever think to start a new venture? if so, what would it be? maybe, for some, to start a new restaurant isn't really a bad idea! plus, thinking of how bad the economy has been for the last two years, this restaurant business seems more secure and promising! well, people are still enjoying their regular dinner outing no matter how bad the recession is! makan tetap makan! with such mentality, it's pretty hard to get this type of business out from our mind!

but, as you are walking along the Washington Street, here in Hoboken, you would notice that this area is fully-loaded with restaurants, from fine-dining to fast-food restaurant. but, one thing that really amaze me; these restaurants are attracting a very large crowd! wow, i thought i could only see this in Kedai Mamak all over Malaysia.

...hence, by simply observing this pattern, i bet these restaurants' owners are making good money! but, can they really make themselves a millionaire! tho they are making some profits i guess, the amount is not very significant!

so, it's very important to note that, to make outstanding profit, you must come up with big business idea.. consider this simple arithmetic; small idea +small idea = won't make the idea BIGGER! so, it's time for us to think BIG as to catch BIG FISH!

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