Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday's Outing

I just got back from watching The Book of Eli at Times Square, NY..The movie was just so-so..I have nothing much to comment on this movie..My advice for those who haven't watched it yet, or are planning to do so, DON'T GO! You'll just waste your money and time..Nonetheless, for those who are always sleeping in cinema, this movie is absolutely recommended for you..No Doubts!

Before I went for the movie, I just had a high-tea with Mr. Zamruni, at his residence. He is currently the Director of Malaysians Consulate General in NY..He, together with his wife, is living in Roosevelt Island, NY..Since I was from West Haven, Ct, visiting one of Malaysian families there, I had to travel more or less 2 hours to get to his place..I had to take 93-mins train to Grand Central Terminal, NY..When I said 93 mins, I really meant it..Then, to get Subway F, I walked like 10 mins from the terminal to a Subway station..Fortunately, today's weather was just nice..And of course, it was not that windy as it is used to..So, walking was not a terrible thing to do after all..When we arrived at Roosevelt Island Station, we did walk again for another 15 mins..Supposedly, we should take a red bus from the station to Mr. Zam's house..Yet, we decided to walk since it was not that far...Although it was 2-hour trip, it was kinda worthy since I had a chance to eat some of Malaysians foods, such as lotong, karipap, mee hoon goreng, and etc...yet, the sambal kacang just made the menu complete [sambal kacang is my all-time favorite food]

p/s: the public transport was awesome..from train to subway, they were really on time..when they say the train is coming at 2 pm, yes they really mean later than that!


  1. must be nice to have high tea together wif ur favorite malaysian fud.btw,it's LONTONG,not LOTONG.write more.

  2. haha,thanks for the correction! thanks for ur time reading my stuffs :)


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