Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Can't Live Without You!

I felt like something was missing! Everything was not right for this entire day! So, I gave my mom a call, having kinda 30-minute conversation..Well, that didn't work..Still, the same feeling overwhelmed me..Stuffed my stomach with yesterday fried chicken..Done with the eating! Still THE SAME! Watched two movies in a row..Felt a little bit happy..Unfortunately, the true satisfaction was yet to emerge...Finally, God enlightened me! All of a sudden, a picture of me drinking some sort of soda appeared in my mind..BINGO! That was the THING that I have been looking for the entire day..

Well, you won't always get whatever you want in just a second..I opened my wallet just to know that I didn't have any 1 dollar bill! What a luck! What should I do then? My roommates were sleeping at that time..I had no gut to wake them up..

But, nothing in this world is unsolvable..There would be always a solution for any kind of problem occurred. So, I didn't give up..Yes, I owed one of my juniors 4 dollars..That would be a good excuse for me to get the change...Then, I called her..Well, to tell you, I am very good in persuasion! I made up an excuse, telling her that I need to pay my debt at that time..No later than that..I said to her that I need the change as is it was an emergency..

As expected, I won over her [I'm so sorry, if 'you' read this] She was not in her room as I was calling her, asking for her help..To make it short, she got herself back to her room and I finally had my 1 dollar bills..Thank God, I could have my own soda..So, the lesson is: Always stock your ice-box with a lot of soda if you're kinda addicted to it like me!

NOW, I'm declaring myself to be addicted with soda..Just give me any kind of soda, AND you already make my day!

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