Monday, January 18, 2010

Gearing Up for My First Class TOMORROW!

Tomorrow will be my first day in school since the winter break..And to know that my first class would be at 9 am, it just freaks me out! After weeks of late breakfast, I, myself, have no confidence to wake up at such early morning! Fortunately, I'm now living in one of on-campus buildings..It just takes me like 5 minutes to get to my class..Yes, that's the bright side of me moving into my new house..

But, that's not actually a serious problem for me..I just told my roommates to wake me up before 9 am..It's my luck since he, himself, has also a morning class..So, I think I can depend on him..:) [he is now sleeping while I'm still blogging] Yet, the most serious problem is that am i mentally prepared for my new semester? That's very important for it has been awhile since I stuffed my brain with hard topics..During my break, my brain was getting sick only when I had to plan my trip to Florida. Well, that was indeed not very hard since my other friends, who were also in the trip, had helped me a lot!

Like my mother said, "I will always trust you in whatever you're doing since you have grown up way faster than I could ever imagine!" So, as the only son in my family, I have to prove my parents that they could depend on me..Hence, I always keep reminding myself about this whenever I lose my confidence on certain stuffs. Therefore, first day of school has nothing to fear me! To all my new professors, I'm now declaring myself that I'm ready for your classes. And I'm looking forward to accept any challenges given to me during this semester! Dear God, please help me also..I'm nothing without YOU!

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  1. grandma correction:
    "im looking forward to accept(ing)..."*


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