Friday, January 8, 2010

FINALLY, I'm Home!

I'm back in Hoboken..Today's weather is as cold as expected..I think Hoboken should be pronounced as a windy city, thinking of how windy it is today..Now, I'm really missing the so-called cold weather in Florida tho I kept complaining how cold the Florida was during my nine-day stay there..Well, that's very humane of me..Never ever been gratified with what I currently have..

Anyway, I feel so relieved now, thinking how finally I have my own bed to sleep...Although, I'm now kinda homeless guy, I'm so fortunate to have friends who really understand my situation..Thanks to my juniors, I have a temporary place to sleep, to take bath, and etc.. THANKS GUYS!

Well, in less than 2 hours, my favorite NBA team, the Cavs, will be entertaining Denver nuggets. They will be playing in Denver..I really hope that the Cavs will have an easy win! Go Cavs, Go James!

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