Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Invasion of SPYWARES!

My computer is damn slow..from rebooting process to internet surfing, everything really freaks me out..even a simple process such as viewing my docx. documents does take me like forever..Come on! Well, I can partially blame myself for still using this tragic invention, Windows Vista..[one of my professors described Vista as a tragedy to our current technology, LOL]

Anyway, I realized my computer was invaded by some malicious spywares once my wallpaper changed automatically, my computer was getting slower and slower, my internet browser was frequently crashed, and few more symptoms..and, thanks to my anti-virus software which kinda useless when it comes to spywares..

But, thinking from positive side, this would be the most appropriate time for me to upgrade my OS. Yes, it has been awhile since I was thinking to have Windows 7. It's not I'm too lazy to back up my data, but I don't have any external hard drive to store them..Maybe, I should include a new hard drive in my wishing list.

Nevertheless, by hook or by crook, I still need to have Windows 7 installed by this weekend..OMNET++, a simulator used in my Modeling and Simulation (M&S) class is not well-working with Vista..Speaking of this M&S class, it was really embarrassing for me as I was one of the eight losers in that class who are still using Vista..The rest, the other 34 students, are now enjoying the robust Windows 7..Well, I should change my major from EE to CE, thinking how bad I'm in keeping up with current technology! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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