Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Semester, New Determination!

I just can't believe it..This is the only time that i feel so damn excited to get back to school..I'm so DONE with this holiday..To say that my holiday is terrible, i have enjoyed my leisure-time so far..9-day trip to Florida, painting job at MUA, and etc...It means I have really utilized my winter-break..Hence, supposedly, I have no reason to feel bored during this period..Yet, I'm still looking forward to end this holiday, and start my new semester! BUT, why?

Okay, let's find the answer now! To do so, there are few questions that I have to ask myself.

Q : Am I taking any course that I really like for this coming semester?
A : Nope..nothing is really interesting

Q : Am I looking to get something throughout this semester? an AWARD, for example?
A : So far, nothing is in my mind..I got no email, letter, or whatever it is as to notify me for that any kind of accomplishment.

Q : Am I so excited to get along with my new American friends?
A : Well, that doesn't thrill me a lot..Maybe, I just feel a bit curious to know who will be my new roommates? Are they friendly? As of now, I haven't met them..Just barely know their names!

Q : Do I have certain targets to achieve at the end of this new semester?
A : Well, I have instead a lot of them..Thus, I'm not that excited since I'm pretty sure that I can't get all my dreams done by this one semester

Dang!! I still can't find the answer for this so-called over-excited feeling..Normally, if my holidays comes to nearly end, I would feel so depressed..Yet, this is really different of me. Nevertheless, I can't still rationalize my feeling so far..Thus, I'm giving up! So, here's my conclusion:

If i'm so damn excited to start my school semester, then that's good..It means now I have becoming a better person than I am before. If not, I have to find a way to motivate myself. Now, I do realize that there is something you can hardly rationalize with your logical brain that is YOUR OWN FEELING.. Then, here comes another conclusion, which is your so-called super ultra brain is not really very powerful after all..It needs to work closely together with your heart.. SUPER BRAIN + SACRED HEART = SUPER DUPER HOMO SAPIENS! Well, to listen to my heart, i have this lame, and pathetic answer for previous question; MAYBE NEW SEMESTER PROMISES ME NEW DETERMINATION AND HOPE!

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