Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm DONE With This So-Called Theme Park

400usd...Well, that's the price that I paid for 3-day visit to Disney World and 2-day play-around in Universal Studio, Florida..Yes, I know the price is kinda ridiculous and expensive..But, to think that it would be a great loss if I don't go to these two places during my stay in the States, 400 usd seems not much for me..Quoting from a friend of mine, "money is nothing as compared to your very own experience." I think I can't agree with him anymore..[His words may sound so lame..but it works for me!]

Okay, let's talk in term of economics point of view [tho i'm not majoring in economy, but i have some interest in it]..One thing that i can barely remember from my microeconomics class is the concept of marginal utility..To simplify it, i would say this concept in this way, "the utility (satisfaction) you gained as the number of good/service is either increased or decreased." Then, let's put this concept to my 5-day visit to these parks.

Day 1: Disney's Hollywood Studios - Since this was my first day in Florida, i was so damn excited..from 1 to 10, i would give 9 as to describe my level of satisfaction..Yeah, i was damn happy on that day..

Day2: Disney's Magic Kingdom - Many say that this is the best among the others..At first, i was so surprised that there were a lot of people there..Thus, this place seemed so happening..But, later on, i just noticed that most of the rides are designated just for kids..Not thrilling at all for an adult like me..Well, to consider how happening this place was, I was satisfied. I could give 7 out of 10.

Day 3: Universal Studio - From my conversations with some who have been here, many agreed that this place is a haven for adults as compared to its counterpart, Disney..Well, I agree that this place is for adult..That's why this place is no way happening as compared to Disney..The rides are so-so..Not much thrill..7 out of 10 is the best way to describe my satisfaction.

Day 4: Island of Adventure - Yes. there were a lot of rides that gave me headache! This park is more or less like a six flags park that I went last year..There is nothing much than the up-and-down roller-coasters..But, these are what thrilled me the most..I was a bit satisfied..8 would be the most appropriate number..

Day 5: Disney's Epcot - This is the most terrible one...I didn't have much fun..It was just a waste of money and time..I should think to go to other places, instead of being almost 10 hours in here..10 hours seemed ages! Hence, i would give 5 out of 10..

Yes, there is another kingdom that I should visit..Well, thinking that I can no more have my foots on any theme park, I decided not to go to the Animal Kingdom. Anyway, my judgement was so right, as my friend and I chose to have a-day trip to Tampa..I felt so much relieved when i saw the beauty of the Clearwater Beach, in Tampa..

But, all in all, I'm now satisfied with my 5-day visit to these two theme parks..All my tiredness seemed nothing as compared to the experiences I have gained..Thanks to my friends who had made my holidays wonderful.. :)

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