Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Culture of Whatever!

1.Whatever! Simple, but just good enough to end any conversation! i mean sort of "unhealthy conversation," such as "mengutuk rakan sebilik, bergosip mengenai rakan sebilik, dan etc." take the following conversation between A and B as an example:

A: hey, your hair is so messy!
B: Whatever, dude!
A: .........

------the end----------------

2. Whatever is a tool to show that you're lacking of interest talking with your friends about a certain topic/issue..example:

A: hey, that girl is so damn hot! i really want to ......
B: what?
A: i said that blonde girl is so hot!
B: whatever!
A: wth!

--------the end------------------

3. Whatever is also very useful/helpful when you are all of sudden losing your words while might be either you forget such words that you really wanna say or simply because you don't really know what you are going to say....the following is an example to illustrate what i mean by that:

A:do you know how to find a wavelength for this given sound waves?
B: it's easy, man!
A: tell me, then!
B: have to divide the speed of waves with this whatever value given!
A: got u, man! thanks a lot!

* note: that whatever is simply referred to a frequency of the waves, which is given in that case!

well, in this case, whatever really helps u!

*in whatever cases, this word is simply useful..but, the way u use it will determine the results..haha, i like to use whatever in all these three cases!

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  1. Yeah whatever man. Sometimes it's annoying to be honest. Btw, buang la about us kat sebelah kanan ni ----> too funnyyyy! haha


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