Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Summer Plan

What should I do in Summer? Perhaps, it's too soon for me to keep thinking about that..anyway, since my last summer was sort of boring, i want to make this time the best Summer ever! Yes, it is kinda sad to think that this would be my last summer in States! Thus, I have decided not to take any regular classes during that period! don't want again to confine myself in my tiny room, reading lecture slides, and etc...

Since taking class is out of my option, what else left for me? So far, there are only two things that are regularly playing in my mind: 1) doing a summer research, and getting a stipend for at least usd 3500 at the end of it. 2) studying abroad for one semester. Yet, the latter one will cost me some money as I've to pay for the airline fare..but, the experience is very priceless..

I know it's kinda hard whenever we have to make a decision! for almost cases, this would always cause us a severe headache..thus, up to this point, i can't even make any decision..whenever i really need money, the first option seems more attractive and favorable! but, thinking of learning a new culture and engaging with new people, the latter is more preferred!

i really understand the fact that the sooner I make up my mind, the better it would be..but, i also realize that "giving enough time and careful thought" is a part of decision-making process.. as of now, I'm still blurred!

p/s: any opinions and comments on this post is more than welcomed..especially for those who have gone thru one of these two options!


  1. hahaha,looks like u're in a 'life-death' situation here..really 'IMPORTANT' decision-making process..chill la weyh..if u're looking for work experience and plannning on making sum money,shud definitely go for the research thingy, will look gud on ur resume too but isnt research boring and involves a lot of work??*dunno how true dis is,never done any research before*...an absolute NO NO for me* but of course dats me*

    studying abroad sounds more like it!!!go to europe(UK),nice view,great ppl!!a great place to experience new things.studying abroad involves studying kn??studying during summer??boring juga but at least it'll be a wonderful getaway.

    if u ask me,my plan of a great summer is to go back-packing around europe wif gud frens.dat wud be awesome!!!!!i'm guessing i'm not dat much of a help huh??haha,my advice:chill n go la bwat smyg istikharah ke hape if u're still clueless..

    why am i the only person who always commenting on ur blog??*really need to find myself a life,haha*let me noe when u've finally decide ok n gudluck!!

  2. person above is a stalker..
    u r gay.. gay fag is fake...

  3. haha..thanks for the advice! well,i'm thinking to go any Asian countries like Korea,or Japan..europe? i guess they are not much different from the states..i heard from my friends that Japan is absolutely a very different place, in terms of culture, living-style, and etc..i do really appreciate ur concern, anyway!

    --gay? gay as is happy or what?


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