Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Passions!

here are some things that i found so indulging:

1) anything related wireless comm.. + wireless security scheme...

2) tennis..well, am no good in this sport so far..yet, i found it so interesting and cool...yeah

3) yellow used to like yellow while i was a small kid..but, as am growing up, my favorite color changed from yellow to now, i start to like the yellow one again..go yellow!

4) white is what my mother used to scold me, "hey, do u have any tee instead of the white one?" sorry mom, i just found white tee to be much more sexy..idk why! but, the funny part is that, no matter how specific i have planned to buy a tee, such as the color, the design, and etc, i would finally end up buying the same white and plain! pity me...

5) other "scholars," all his articles are very humane..he does really know on how to be a good Muslim, while at the same time being a normal human...

6) karaoke-ing...i know my voice is not that good..but, it's enough to attract some of my floor mates to come over to my room, listening me and my friends karaoke-ing..what a shame!

7) bold head..i just found it more neat and sexy! wait, am no homo!

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