Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It was a great conversation!

"May God bless u, Mak Jai!"

alhamdulillah..i just had a great talk w/ my beloved aunt...i thought she might be a changed person when she's married..yet, she is still the same as i'm used to know her...and of course, i'm so delightful about this..

..and i told her everything from my study to personal life...and most of the time, we talked about personal stuffs...Mak Jai, thanks for being there while i really need somebody, whom i can trust, to share my story with...and for sure, thanks for the advice and the, i could see a way out of my problems.., it was kinda funny when she said that i'm now a really changed person...for her, i'm used to be a strong one, who didn't really want to share my stories w/ others...and indeed, she's happy w/ my changing attitude..again, thanks Mak Jai for knowing me in that close..

..anyway, as she said, one can't really see his/her future, no matter how great he/she is planning for it..she told me to let everything to God, since He is the Most Knowledgeable one! and she did convince me that i need to refocus on my priorities once again..

..and to Mak Jai, here's my reply: yes, i'm a changed person..i started to realize that life is not always being on your side, regardless how hard u've tried..sometimes, you're up and sometimes, you're at the bottom..and in life, i have to accept the fact that i need to lose something in present, as to gain better thing in future..and of course, i really agree w/ u that love among human beings is fake...and the only pure love is between man to his God! again, i admit that i've certain ego, and i'm ready to change it! anyway, thanks for lifting up my spirit once again, mak jai! i love you to the bits!

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