Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's give a DAMN to those timid/skeptical souls!

To be honest, i was not in a good mood lately...too many shits just happened..and, those shits were things that i did care the most...WTH!

But, as i browsed through internet just now, i just found a link to Tony Fernandes's blog ( This was one of the articles that he wrote the best..and of course, the line that i like the most is the following:

"For too long we have been a nation of losers and we always whack those who try. We ridicule them instead of celebrating ambition, innovation and guts."

Tho he was quite harsh in his above comment, but i guess he's right in the first place. There have been too many small minded people in Malaysia, whom I consider to be very selfish. Many just don't care the future of their children.

..and then, Tony finished his article with a kinda softer tone. He wrote, "So to all the cynics give Malaysia and Malaysians a chance. Embrace the brave, the visionaries, the dreamers and the innovators. Embrace positive energy." Tony, i just wanna say that i'm very proud of you...just give a try, and we'll see the results..yet, be sure to always put people's interest above the others..

...and as i said that there were many shits, haunting me recently..and i've decided to not entertain those shits...hey, remember, "to cure heartbreak/failure is to quickly move on!"


  1. "to cure heartbreak/failure is to quickly move on!"

    p/s: very nice words there. enjoy reading your blog lately. keep it up man!

  2. dekan (juga lect technopreneurship aku)aku de btau ms kat kelas;

    "tony fernandes ni xde gune punye org, tpu mlayu, kwan sy bos msia airport btau, every plane yg mdarat kn bayar 1 mcm yuran, kire sewa guna airport tuk mndarat n isi fuel g2, so tony ni refuse nak bayar, hutang die (AirAsia) dgn msia airport da 100juta. alasan die; 'sy suda bawak lbih 100juta plancong ke malaysia'. so sy xiktiraf die sbg entrepreneur, watpe kite nak bangga dgn org mcm ni? hutang pon xmau bayar."

    ~Prof Dato Dr. Mohd Mansor Salleh~

    so pe pndapat ko?

  3. i don't really know this guy..i know him from his success and what others say bout him..other than that, i have no clue at all..

    ..but, if what have u told me is true, then i guess he's not a good guy...but, in business side, he's still a good entrepreneur..

    ..being able to meet Tony once in NY a few months ago, for me, he's a kind guy...he did approach the students, instead of the other way around..

    ..anyway, to judge people, by saying he's good or bad, is not my responsibility..but, looking from the bright side, i guess your lecturer should mention more on Tony's hardship in building his business empire..that would be better to instill a positive value to young people, like you guys..i just don't like the idea to corrupt such young, and talented people with such bad stories about others..anyway, this is just my opinion..


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