Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Cat...

Dear Cat,

..i'm really sorry that i have been pushing you too much! it was just a matter that i couldn't accept the fact that i'm gonna lose you...and to be honest, i'm still and will never be able to believe that! but, that's life, i guess...sometimes, u have to lose one thing so that the others could gain something...

..but, i still cherish all the time we've spent together..all the happy & sad times, i will never a saying, "people come and go, but memories remain." it was such awesome when i saw u laughing whenever i made a joke, tho most the time, it was such a silly joke! well, i'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen again! lol...but to "protect" the sacred of our memories, please don't share them w/ others..i just don't like it for whatever reasons!

..anyway, as you said, "let the time determines for us..if we are meant to, we will eventually be together," and here is my reply, as i forgot to mention it before, " i do believe in destiny..but, i'm more to believe that we could change our destiny if we want to!" but, whatever!

..till then, i promise to stop bothering you in one way or another..and, you can keep my a man, i'm nothing if i break my promise!

adiĆ³s amigos

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