Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smart, and Independent Guy!

...if i were to choose one Malaysian to be my role model, i'd definitely select Hassan Marican, ex-CEO of Petronas..tho, i have never met him personally, neither have i talked to him in any occasion i attended, i still revere him as my hero! no doubts on that...

..since i'm very keen to know him, i asked one of my friends, who is currently working in Petronas..according to him, Hassan Marican is a very smart, committed, and humble-to-earth guy...he had been working very hard to expand the business of Petronas...otherwise, there should be no way for Petronas to be listed as one of the 500 most fortune companies in the world..

..and, as a Malaysian, i'm a very proud of you, Mr. Hassan! (please excuse me for not using the right title to address you..i just don't like the title stuff). i hope that Allah will reward you for all your good deeds and hard works to build this nation...and, i do hope that, sometime in future, i could be as good as you are! or, maybe i could be much better...and of course, you've set a high standard for being a successful Malaysian...

...once again, GRACIAS, Mr. HASSAN!


  1. do visit mak jai nikah

  2. thanks! i looked the pics already..Mak Jai was awesome in her wedding dress..and uncle Lah was not bad tho! haha...am happy for both of them!

  3. de kawan aku dak mechy kat utp ditanye oleh lect mechy die;

    "pe pndapat korang, korang blajo pandai2 mane pon, tp yg jd ceo ttp dak2 bisnes n acct?"

    FYI mr.hassan jg dr background acct...

    so aku nak ty pndapat ko plak...ttg hal ni

  4. i do believe that there is a huge difference in term of attitude between a so-so, and a very successful person...normally, those so-so people always need recognition for whatever they do..from money to high-position, and etc..

    but, those successful, they will look from different perspective..they do not really care about being remembered by people, about being granted w/ many titles, and so on..for them, as long as they could contribute something to people, they are more than happy..

    so, in your case, i don't see any problem..i don't mind if my friends from other backgrounds have better position as compared to mine..and i'm pretty sure, mr. hassan couldn't be a great CEO if he didn't have a great support group, coming from engineering background, business, and stuff...here comes the need to complement each others..

    ...and i just want to clarify here that there is no difference learning engineering, business or accounting..all are equally difficult..i'm now doing a major in EE, and a minor in entrepreneurship...and for me, both fields are giving me such a hard time..

    ..anyway, thanks for ur concern..(sorry for the long reply)

  5. tanx 4 ur reply, xpe, panjang tp berisi gini bagus..

    aku mmg iktiraf la yg mr.hassan ni did a very good job steering petronas to the top. xdinafikan n xdipertikaikan ag. bmksud die juga kawal baik persefahaman antare pkerje die tuk hasilkan keje yg bkualiti.

    sbb aku ty soklan yg sblom ni adalah, aku tfikir sjenak pe lect aku cite ttg kebodohan bos die yakni org bisnes

    die disoal oleh bos (PERWAJA) die knape keje engineering n safety etc. yg die jalankan byak pakai duet?

    so die justify la yg tu prosedur engineering yg baik tuk jg kselamatan pkerja n mesin.

    yg jd prob adalah bos die xpuas ati n ptikai keje die. (lect aku ni da tue n bpglaman sbg engneer hmpir 30years wic means almost 30years die wat mende yg same n of kos la ikot ksesuaian teknologi tbaru)

    then die resign n cakap, "kalo tuan yg background bisnes bole wat keje saye sbg engineer, xgune tuan hired sy dulu, bek tuan jd bos n jd engineer sendiri!"

    xlame pastu die kabo, PERWAJA de prob, bos die kne buang keje,

    situasi ni byak blaku di mane2 syarikat, moralnye, jgn pertikai keje orang kalo kite sndiri xtau pape dlm bidang tu, tanye dulu n fahami situasi,bru org respek kite sbg bos wlaupon ltarblakang lain.

    so from diz story, aku ble wat ksimpulan, yg mr. hassan have done a very gud job in petronas.

    gembira ade anak mlayu mcm ko bfikiran advance gni. bersame kite pacu negara ni. salam

  6. well, i misinterpreted your question...

    ..in your prof's case, i do really agree w/ him/her..thus, for me, a good boss/leader is someone who listens to his/her workers..in Islam, we call it "musyawarah."

    ..thanks for sharing your story..am more than happy to hear from you...anyway, it's better if you use your own name..it'll show your credibility... :)

  7. well..kredibility tu subjektif..bgntung pd pnilaian msg2...

    wat ms skang aku adalah TINTA LOGIK.

    keep post mende2 ilmiah gni tuk didiskusi bsame....

  8. dear tinta,

    i'll try my best..but, i'm having a hard time, right now..iA if everything is back to normal, i'll write more on beneficial topics..till then, please excuse me..

    ..credibility? well, i agree it's a subjective topic..ok then, i'll call u tinta, after this


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