Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm a Malay, and will always be a Malay...

..i heard many negative perspectives about overseas Malays...many says that these people are less Malay, unpatriotic, arrogant, and etc....and one of my close friends did reprimand me to repent..according to him, i'm now less patriotic since i'm no longer using my mother-tongue language for my everyday purpose (Facebook, for example)...but, the funny part is that he didn't know that i do speak Malays w/ my Malay friends..and i could say, even tho i'm now in the States, i do speak Malay more than i speak

..yet, i do accept his opinion that language is one of important elements in any races...but, we need to accept the reality that English is now very important..not only in education, but also in business-like environment..but, while i do stress the importance of having a good command in English, i have never degraded my own language..both are's just a matter of place and time...if you want to attend bigger crowd, then you might consider to use language, in which all could understand...

..anyway, i do apologize to these respected's not i'm trying to prove that 'i'm right, or you're wrong.' it just me, trying to clarify my stand on this issue...anyway, i do appreciate your concern about me..but, my advice is that, don't be too fanatic w/ one belief/ more open...only then, we could distinguish between right/wrong..

p/s: i love you, my friends!


  1. love ur opinions boy...

    nway mmg btol pe ko ckap...."it's just a matter of place and time"

    kat msia ni pon rmai gak dak2 mlayu yg ngade2 gn foreign language xkn ms n tmpat...wlaupon kite patut blaja tp bg aku perlu kne ms dgn tmpat..

    jgn la smpai nak bli ABC tpi jlan nak speaking jugak...mmg saje je nak kne kuali kaple dgn makcik ABC...

    tp ksian la kat mmbe yg tego ko xpatriotik tu..die dpat can g blaja kat ovc n see more broad than others yg xpat g ovc tp sayang....

    pikiran tertutup n hy tgok 1 view je sdgkan mate ble lihat sjauh mgkin n otak ble pikir seelok mgkin....

    nasehat la sket kat mmbe ko tu...mcm ko ckap:

    ".it's not i'm trying to prove that 'i'm right, or you're wrong.' it just me,"

    advice die see other sides too....

  2. definitely..and here comes the need to master the communication's hard indeed to tell people that they aren't right (i prefer the word, "not right," rather than "wrong.")

    ..well, speaking of me, i'm not even good in communicating my msg..and i'm still learning it now...thus, i think, by writing in this blog, i could convey my msg clearly..

    ...about ABC, agak-agak la kan...x kn nk ckp ngan nenek/atuk pon nk guner foreign language..the problem these people just wanna to show-off, instead of understanding the basic principle of communications..and in this case, they're not patriotic..

    ...and opportunity to study in overseas, i do admit that i'm kinda fortunate..but, for those who have yet got the chance, don't make it as an excuse to open ur, the world is more open than it was fifty years ago...everything u can know from the internet..even, i do sometimes listen to lectures from MIT professors online, tho i'm not the MIT student (nak masuk MIT, tp x layak, haha), those successful people will never find excuses for their failures..indeed, they learn from their mistakes..


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