Saturday, April 10, 2010

It was just awesome!

i just got back from UNITY show, an ethnic kinda event, which i thought was so awesome...well, like the past year, there were more or less 10 ethnic + frat society performing for the show..MASA (the Malaysians Students Association, which i'm one of its members) was part of the show...unlike the last year, this year event was pretty awesome (last year was also good, but this year i felt much better since i could watch all the performances!)...and as expected, this year winner was IUA (Indian Undergrad Association)....these guys were so talented to make people laughing..their performance was also cute...

..anyway, just forget about who won or lost! at the end, it was mere a title, which people might cherish for short period of time...after that some time, people will just forget about it...but, one thing that i believe everyone would remember, and cherish for the rest of their lives is the fact that many people gathered together to watch the show...people from all over the world (well, i'm just aggregating) sit and laugh together, while at the same time learning (tho it's not too much and deep) about other cultures..for me, that's the most important... MASA performers, u guys were doing such a great job...i could understand the hardship of preparing all the stuffs since i was being at that position sometime ago...anyway, i'm still wondering why Taicho (Haidhar, not the real name) is always being the defeated far as i can remember, there is no such time that he's being the hero of the show...hahahaha..ok, i'm joking...

...anyway, i'm thinking to know more about KSA, now! haha..

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